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Anjimile's new full length album

Colors is out Friday, July 13! 


Colors is an experimental pop album that explores the

various shades and luminosities of sound. Anjimile's

evocative lyricism and honey-smooth vocals shine

brightly against an ever-shifting backdrop of spacious

soundscapes and dynamic melodies. From the dreamy

waters of "Wakanda" to the folk-rock fields of "Green",

each track on Colors vibes confidently in the spirit of

exploration and experimentation.


"Colors" was written and recorded at Industry Lab, an

eclectic co-working space in Cambridge, MA, as the

result of a 3-month artist residency. Its sound is

heavily inspired by the remarkably inventive group of

engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists, graphic designers,

programmers, architects and artists that inhabit the



Album artwork by Leah Eve Corbett -