album artwork by Leah Eve Corbett

album artwork by Leah Eve Corbett

"Anjimile’s long-awaited new record, Colors, comes on the heels of coming to terms with...major life events. The beautiful scope it covers, directly and indirectly, speaks to the affirming yet unnerving process of gradually setting in to your own skin." 
- DigBoston, Nina Corcoran

"Colors spotlights the lovability of Anjimile. It is a cohesive and insightful documentation of the perspective of a queer artist...Anjimile is a songbird for voices that are frequently left unheard. And Colors is a body of work that will bring them into the spotlight." 
- WERS, Andrew Muccitelli

"On 'Colors', you can hear Anjimile venture tentatively into unexplored vocal territory, pushing gently at the contours of their new voice." 
- WBUR, Amelia Mason

"The diversity and inventiveness from song to song has created a beautiful amalgam that has, through its differences, made a concept album more concise and moving than many other artists attempting to do the same explicitly." 
- Sound of Boston, Nicole Collins

Recorded at Industry Lab in Cambridge, MA

Mastered by Analogue Self

Released on Human Nature Records <# 

Album Artwork by Leah Eve Corbett (instagram: @leahevecorbett)